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"A few weeks ago my daughter was completely against having her fillings treated, she was too nervous and scared. Today she was treated WITHOUT being put to sleep by Dr. Arjomand at Children's Dental Healthcare. I'm so grateful to you and your staff. Your time, patience and experience is truly appreciated. I'm one happy mom!"

Nicole M

"If you have young children, this is the place to go. Our 2 year old son chipped his front tooth so badly that his nerve was exposed. Children's Dental Healthcare told me to bring him right in and the experience we had that day and following up has been amazing.

Not only was their work incredible (rebuilding my son's tooth) but their warm and inviting atmosphere has resulted in my son actually WANTING to go to the dentist."

Binu K

"The staff were wonderful and all 3 of my kids have left with smiles and no tears through the whole process! My kids have decided that this will be their dentist from now on because the overall experience was great."


Kryssie D

"Dr. A and the staff of Children's Dental Health are amazing. Very professional, very patient and kind and down to earth. My 5 year old hates the dentist usually because it involves getting cavities filled but Dr. A did a great job for us. We were able to avoid general anesthetic and get all his teeth fixed up. Thank you so much for your help!"

Keri W

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